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Miele Steam Ovens

Highlights of the Miele Steam Ovens

Large Cooking Compartment

The 40 litre cooking compartment allows you to place extra-large cooking containers on each of the three levels for steam cooking.

Quantity Cooking

Whether you are cooking one portion or more, frozen or fresh food, the cooking duration will always be the same in a Miele steam oven.

Cooking on 3 levels

Cook on up to three levels simultaneously - even different dishes - as neither odours nor flavours will be transferred to other foods.

Simple Cleaning

Thanks to external steam generation and a stainless steel interior, Miele steam ovens are very easy to clean - no annoying calcium deposits.

Combined Cooking

You can make starters, soup, fish, meat, vegetables, side dishes or desserts separately - or an entire meal in a single cooking process.


Eight steam inlet ports enable fast steam generation and distribution, short heat-up times and more uniform cooking results.

Note that not every appliance has every feature shown - see the individual product details to determine which features apply.